Earth Friendly Recycling is committed to protecting the private data of our valued clients and ensuring the efficient and ethical recycling of end of life electronics and appliances.

We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children

Native American Proverb

Accepting Electronics, Appliances, and Clean Packing Foam

We Will Be Closed Tuesday and Wednesday,
December 24th and 25th For Christmas

Televisions - $20 (Any Size)
Everything Else We Accept Is Free To Drop Off!

Located at:

11825 NE 113th Street, Suite 100
Vancouver, WA 98662

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Hours Of Operation:

Dropoff Hours:

Monday - Friday ~~ 11am - 4pm
Saturday ~~ 10pm - 2pm

Closed Sunday

*** New Winter Hours! ***

For Safety And Cleanliness, Please Do Not Drop Off Items Outside Of These Hours

Responsible Electronics Recycling - Computers - Laptops - Cell Phones - And Much More...

Servicing Vancouver | Camas | Ridgefield | La Center | Woodland | Washington

We accept clean #4, #5, and #6 foams, of any color, for recycling dropped off at our location, free of charge. Pickup service is available. Foam MUST be free of tape, labels, cardboard, or contamination to keep the material recyclable.
#4 Polyethylene Foam
#5 Polypropylene Foam
#6 Polystyrene Foam

We offer low cost pick-ups in the Vancouver and North Clark County areas. We have no item limit! For both our residential and business customers, our professional driver comes to your home or business and safely removes your items. No charge drop off is available during warehouse hours. Residential and Business - $20 - $35.

At Earth Friendly Recycling, all material must be properly handled safely and correctly to protect our sensitive environment. Handling surcharges are assessed to pick up televisions, appliances and large copiers in addition to the normal pickup charge. Televisions (any size) - $20
*Copiers over 100lbs - $20
*Large Appliances - $20.
* All Accepted Items, Except Televisions, Are Free To Drop Off *

​Every hard drive that enters our facility is wiped or destroyed per department of defense sanitation standard using specific forensic grade hard drive wiping hardware. Hard drives that are damaged and can not be wiped are physically destroyed. Certificates of Destruction are available.



Our mission is to increase convenience and availability for proper recycling of unwanted, broken, and obsolete electronics and appliances by offering affordable pickup service to the residents and businesses of the Clark County area.

  • Responsible Electronics Recycling
  • Servicing Vancouver, WA, and North Clark County, WA.

We pride ourselves on customer service, reliability, and integrity.


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    We’re Moving!

    We’re excited to announce that we are going to be moving to a great new location! This new location will allow us to expand our recycling options and services. More information coming soon!...
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    Portland Pickup Service Suspended

    Effective immediately, regular pickup service to the Portland area is suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience and welcome you to drop off any items 24 hours per day at our secure drop location....