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earth friendly recycling donates to many charitable organizationsEarth Friendly Recycling is family-owned and operated in Vancouver, WA. Since opening in 2011, we’ve treated every client as part of our family. Recognizing the need for a convenient option for recycling end of life electronic items, we established Clark County’s first and to date only free electronics recycling pickup service. Offering this service allows homes and businesses the ability to carry on with their day to day activities without the need to transport items to a facility, or worse, throw them into the trash to be land filled.


Trust Quality And Longevity 

With over seven years of successful operations, Earth Friendly Recycling continues to be the top electronics recycler in the Vancouver and Longview areas. Know that you are entrusting your end of life electronics to the most qualified, professional and ethical companies in the industry.

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Trained
  • Background Checked

Responsible Electronics Recycling 

Very few items that we receive are unable to be properly recycled. Though we strive to be 100% environmentally positive, efficient, and thorough, some items we regularly see unfortunately end up being discarded as waste. We continually try to reduce the items in this category by continually searching for viable downstream recycling avenues. The good news is that if it’s not on this list, we are recycling it! Until then, we ask that people please be aware when purchasing new items to be conscious of the following:

  • Leather cases from cell phones
  • Non-accepted or contaminated foam materials
  • Rubber Mouse pads
  • Film plastic


Know how your items are handled

Items that are received for recycling are either disassembled to their base components to be further processed or shredded whole with the shredded material sorted to recover the base materials of plastic, glass, and metal. Earth Friendly Recycling chooses to follow the R2 guidelines for materials that pose a potential impact to the environment such as:

  • Mercury containing LCD monitors
  • CRT monitors
  • Batteries
  • Circuit Boards

These items are specifically processed solely by R2 certified processors and NEVER illegally exported to third world countries. Materials such as steel computer casings, aluminum heatsinks, and even screws are recycled locally.

Know who sees your personal information

When choosing your recycler, you are entrusting them with information stored on your computer or laptop valuable to identity thieves such as bank account numbers and tax returns. Other information may jeopardize the well being and security of your home including family photos or scanned receipts. We treat the stored sensitive information of every one of our clients as though it contains matters of national security. This is why we perform a department of defense grade sanitation of every hard drive that is received. If a hard drive is damaged and cannot be sanitized, the drive is physically destroyed ensuring the data never falls into the wrong hands. Drives are never read or copied by any employee of Earth Friendly Recycling.

We understand that our customers are concerned about proper and complete data destruction. That is why we use the industry’s highest standards when it comes to protecting their privacy.

ERIC HOWELL - Company Owner