Protecting Customer Data

Printer & Copier Data Storage

Printers and copiers are not highly regarded as data sensitive equipment. However, most newer copiers now contain a storage drive. These drives store everything that has been copied on the machine potentially since the machine has been in service. Anything sensitive on the papers that had been copied, now resides digitally on the copier.

Most smaller printers do not permanently store information. The information received from the computer is lost once the printer is powered down.

How We Protect Your Data

  • From pickup or dropoff, your items are kept locked away from potential data thieves.
  • Printers we receive are carefully inspected. We pull ink and toner cartridges, unused paper, and any jammed documents before the machines are physically shredded locally.
  • Always overlooked by our clients, we also remove papers left on the copier or printer for scanning or copying to be safely shredded.

Protect Your Data With Earth Friendly Recycling