Electronics We Take And Recycle

Here at Earth Friendly Recycling we’re committed to saving our landfills from reusable electronics waste. If you have any of the below electronics, give us a call. We recycle them! 

Computers & Laptops

We accept all desktop & laptop computers, all in one computers, as well as tablets!


Cell Phones, Tablets & Phones

Old cell phones need to be recycled to protect the environment. Cells, PDA's, Tablets, & Telephones. We take them too.


Fax, Printers, & Copiers

Printers, Desktop Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Fax Machines & Plotters
We Accept New and Spent Ink and Toner Cartridges
Only $7 To Drop Off
*Pickup Surcharge Applies To Copiers +100 lbs


Circuit Boards

Circuit boards, motherboards, peripheral boards? You've got them taking up space? We will certainly take them.


DVD, VCR, & DVR Boxes

VCR's, DVD Players, DVR's, & TiVo boxes. We accept those too. Schedule for a pickup.



Lithium ion, lead acid, ni-cad, nickel metal hydride, and button batteries accepted. No alkaline, broken or leaking please.

Cables & Wiring

Computer cables, RCA cables, HDMI cables, power cords, printer cables, laptop chargers, AC adapters & more.

LCD, LED & CRT Monitors

You have LCD, LED or CRT monitors that need to be recycled? We pick those up too.

Cable & Satellite Boxes

Been packing around old cable or satellite receivers? We pick them up and we'll even take the dish!

Keyboards & Accessories

Got old keyboards, mouse, webcams, joysticks, and other accessories? We take them.

Telecom & Network

Have old telecom equipment? We take it all. Modems, routers, network hubs. Call today and we can pick it up.

Consumer Electronics

Hand held games & old game systems? Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, XBox. We even take the games.

Commercial Electronics

Medical, Banking, Retail, & Commercial Electronics. Clean out that storage and schedule now.

Point of Sale Electronics

Cash Registers, Old Credit Card Machines, and retail POS system. We take them too.

Home & Car Audio

Have an old receiver, amplifier, or car deck? We recycle everything car & home audio related.

And Much More ...

Don't see what you have listed? Give us a call or email to see if we accept it.

EARTH FRIENDLY RECYCLING also accepts appliances!

Responsibly recycle your appliances with Earth Friendly Recycling.