Secure Data Destruction

How we ensure your personal information is destroyed



Secure Storage & Hard Drive Removal

Once your items are collected, they are placed into a secure and locked facility until they are deconstructed by trained and trusted Earth Friendly Recycling staff. The hard drive, which contains all permanent stored information, is removed and isolated from items with removeable hard drives. Items with fixed hard drives are staged for software sanitation or shredding as a whole unit.


Certificate of Data Destruction

If a detailed certificate of data destruction is requested, each hard drive serial number is recorded. The method of destruction may be by either software or physical means, depending on the item. Certificates of data destruction are available for a small charge by request. To ensure proper segregation, certificates must be requested during or prior to pickup. Certificates are normally emailed within 10 business days of pickup.


Hard Drive Sanitization

Each hard drive we receive is sanitized using a forensics grade, dedicated interface tool. The interface performs and verifies a complete seven pass overwrite, sector by sector, of all data areas. No person ever sees any of the data present at any time during the process.


DOD & HIPAA Compliant Data Destruction

Hard drives are kept in secure, monitored locations at all times ensuring complete compliance of HIPAA data security requirements. All physically destroyed hard drives are responsibly recycled through certified R2 or eSteward processors.

Current Professional Certificate of Destruction Pricing:

$7 for the certificate + $1 per recorded serial number