Protecting Customer Data

Cell Phone Data Storage

Cell phones are becoming increasingly capable of storing more and more data. Some models are currently able to store up to a terabyte of information without the need for an additional storage module. This is enough to store around 57,000 average photos, not to mention how many documents, contacts, and other personal information. In addition to the onboard storage, cell phones and tablets now have SD (secure digital) cards as well as SIM (subscriber identity module) cards. Both of these cards hold sensitive personal information.

How We Protect Your Data

  • From pickup or dropoff, your items are kept locked away from potential data thieves.
  • Cell phones that are reusable have the SIM card and SD cards removed, are factory data reset, removing all personal data from the phone.
  • Cell phones that are not reusable are shredded and responsibly recycled.
  • SD cards are data sanitized or destroyed
  • SIM cards are physically destroyed

Protect Your Data With Earth Friendly Recycling