Thank You To Our Generous Sponsors

Without the support of generous patrons such as these, block foam recycling wouldn't be possible in Clark County.

We would like to thank these sponsors for their commitment to environmental causes and invite you to check them out.

It is extremely vital that the polystyrene we collect is COMPLETELY free of contaminants to be recyclable. We unfortunately cannot accept "mostly clean" or "think it's clean" material. Any plastic from tape will heavily contaminate the melted polystyrene. One piece of tape will ruin up to 100 lbs of otherwise recyclable material if it is accidentally melted into the polystyrene during densification. If this happens, the material will have to be landfilled, negating the efforts of many. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to keep polystyrene recycling sustainable.

These Are Examples Of Polystyrene Foam We Are Accepting:


We accept clean, dry, white polystyrene foam coolers. All coolers should be free of food contamination, plastic handles, cold packs, tape, labels and stickers.

Packing Foam

We accept clean, dry, white polystyrene packing material. All packing material should be free of cardboard, tape, labels and stickers.
Avoid breaking the material into smaller pieces. Excessively broken apart material may be rejected due to handling requirements and potential contamination. Keep pieces whole if possible.

Packing Peanuts

We accept clean, dry, uncontaminated packing peanuts that are reusable. Packing peanuts must be bagged or boxed separately and not mixed with block foam. All colors accepted.

Below are examples of foam we are NOT accepting:

Tape Contaminated Foam

All foam should be free of tape. Even small pieces of tape left on the foam can contaminate the recycled material.

Food Contaminated Foam

All foam should be free of food contamination, moisture, and oil. Contaminated foam will be rejected.

Polyurethane Foam

At this time, we are not accepting polyurethane foam of any kind. This is the foam normally found in couch cushions and pillows.

#5 Polypropylene Foam

This is uncommon packing material very similar to polystyrene. Frequently mismarked as #6. This foam will break when bent with effort. Does not dissolve with test liquid for foam.

Cardboard Contaminated Foam

Foam with cardboard or cardboard residue attached is not recyclable.

Expanding Spray Foam

Spray foam of any chemistry. This includes instapak expanding packing.

Extruded Polystyrene Foam

This foam is normally colored pink, green or blue. This foam has a much higher density than expanded block foam and contains fire retardants. Unfortunately, we aren't accepting this at this time.

#7 Starch Based Foam

This biodegradable foam can be thrown away or dissolved in water. We don't accept this foam here.

Stickered or Labelled Foam

All stickers and labels should be removed prior to recycling block foam.

#4 Polyethylene Foam

This common packing material is spongy and can be any color. This foam will not break when bent.

Colored Foam

At this time, we can not accept any colored, non natural colored polystyrene foam.

Hot Tub Covers

Unfortunately, hot tub covers absorb too much moisture to be be effectively recycled.

Cost to landfill foam in Clark County