Foam Recycling

Here at Earth Friendly Recycling we’re committed to saving our landfills from many environmentally unfriendly packing foams, including #4 Polyethylene, #5 Polypropylene, and #6 Polystyrene, where it will not degrade in our lifetime, and may NEVER degrade.

Please read below for examples of foam we accept and can’t accept.

These Are Examples Of Foam We Are Accepting:

#6 Polystyrene Foam

We accept clean, white block polystyrene foam. This common foam breaks when bent and should be free of food contamination, tape or stickers. Keep separate from packing peanuts.

#4 Polyethylene Foam

This common packing material is spongy and can be any color. This foam will not break when bent.

Packing Peanuts

Accepting clean packing peanuts! Please bag separately from block foam in a clear bag.

#5 Polypropylene Foam

This is uncommon packing material very similar to polystyrene. Any color accepted. This foam will break when bent with effort.

Below are examples of foam we are NOT accepting:

Contaminated Foam

We only accept clean, white block polystyrene foam. All foam should be free of food contamination, moisture, tape and stickers.
Contaminated foam will be rejected. This includes clean foam mixed with packing peanuts. Please bag packing peanuts separately,

Polyurethane Foam

At this time, we are not accepting polyurethane foam of any kind.

#7 Starch Based Foam

This biodegradable foam can be thrown away or dissolved in water. We don't accept this foam here.

Expanding Spray Foam

Spray foam of any chemistry. This includes instapak expanding packing.

Extruded Polystyrene Foam

This foam is normally colored pink, green or blue. This foam has a much higher density than expanded block foam. Unfortunately, we aren't accepting this at this time.

Hot Tub Covers

Unfortunately, hot tub covers absorb too much moisture to be be effectively recycled.

EARTH FRIENDLY RECYCLING also picks up block foam! See how little it costs to have your foam picked up and saved from the landfill.