Electronics we take and recycle

Here at Earth Friendly Recycling we’re committed to saving our landfills from reusable electronics waste. If you have any of the below electronics, give us a call, we recycle them!

computer and laptop recycling vancouver wa portland or longview wa

Computers & Laptops

We accept all desktop & laptop computers, all in one computers, as well as tablets!
battery recycling portland or vancouver wa longview wa


Lithium ion, lead acid, ni-cad, nickel metal hydride, and button batteries accepted. No alkaline or leaking please.
computer chips mother boards recycling portland or vancouver wa longview wa

Circuit Boards

Circuit boards, motherboards, peripheral boards? You've got them taking up space? We will certainly take them.
cables and wires recycling portland or vancouver wa longview wa

Cables & Wiring

Computer cables, RCA cables, HDMI cables, power cords, printer cables, laptop chargers, AC adapters & more.
monitor and tv recycling portland or vancouver wa longview wa

LCD, LED & CRT Monitors

You have LCD, LED or CRT monitors that need to be recycled? We pick those up too. *Fee Applies To CRT monitors
dvd vcr recycling vanccouver wa portland or longview wa

DVD, VCR, & DVR Boxes

VCR's, DVD Players, DVR's, & TiVo boxes. We accept those too. Call for free pickup.
cable and satellite box recycling portland or vaancouver wa longview wa

Cable & Satellite Boxes

Been packing around old cable or satellite receivers? We pick them up for free. We'll even take the dish.
fax machine recycling portland or vancouver wa longview wa

Fax, Printers, & Copiers

Printers, Desktop Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Fax Machines & other office equipment.
cell phone recycling in portland oregon vancouver washington longview wa

Cell Phone, PDA & Phones

Old cell phones need to be recycled to protect the environment. Cells, PDA's, Telephones. We take them too.
keyboard and computer hardware recycling in vancouver portland longview

Keyboards & Accessories

Got old keyboards, mouse, webcams, joysticks, and other accessories? We take them.
telecom recycling portland vancouver longview

Telecom & Network

Have old telecom equipment? We take it all. Modems, routers, network hubs. Call today and we can pick it up.
consumer electronics recycling portland vancouver longview

Consumer Electronics

Hand held games & old game systems? Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, XBox. We even take the games.
commercial medical electronics recycling portland or vancouver wa longview

Commercial Electronics

Medical, Banking, Retail, & Commercial Electronics. Clean out that storage and give us a call. We pickup for free.
cash register electronics recycling portland vancouver washington longview

Point of Sale Electronics

Cash Registers, Old Credit Card Machines, and retail POS system. We take them too.
car and home stereo recycling portland vancouver longview

Home & Car Audio

Have an old receiver, amplifier, or car deck? We recycle everything car & home audio related.
electronics recycling portland oregon vncouver washington longview

and much more...

We strive to recycle as many electronic devices as possible. Don't see what you have here? Call us & we can help.

EARTH FRIENDLY RECYCLING has been recognized for our positive impact on the environment.

Need a pickup? Want directions to our warehouse or convenient secure drop box?