Frequently Asked Questions

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We are based in Vancouver, Washington and provide regular scheduled affordable service routes to most areas in and around Vancouver, Washington. The areas include Vancouver, Brush Prairie, Hockinson, Battle Ground, Camas, Fisher's Landing, Hazel Dell, and Salmon Creek. North County includes Kelso and Longview. Please see our detailed service maps for more information. If you are outside our normal service area, please call.

The only items we charge to drop off are televisions. All other items, including block foam are free to drop off!

The clean, white, block foam is placed into a mechanical compactor. Here, it is shredded and densified 50:1 into polystyrene ingots. These ingots are then shipped to be manufactured into new expanded block foam material or other polystyrene product. Visit our block foam page here for more information.

We do not currently accept these items. As we are always exploring opportunities to assist the community in their recycling needs, we may in the future. At this time, please contact the Clark County A-Z list here for information about recycling or disposing these items.

Our professional and courteous driver will transport items from and to any floor with elevator access. For our driver's safety, please move items from floors without elevator access to the ground floor prior to arrival. Residential items should be moved to an accessible location to a main entry way or garage area, as our drivers are unable to navigate through homes.

As we have clients all over with different pickup needs, we may not be able to pick up your items. With the focus of being environmental conscious, please understand that we cannot make long trips for small numbers of items. We accept item drop offs 24 hours a day in our secure, monitored drop bin outside our warehouse location. Please feel free to visit during warehouse hours and our friendly staff can assist with any unloading needs.

We offer periodic pickup services to all our business clients depending on your needs. We have established scheduled routes and can easily include your items as often as needed.

Yes! You can also drop the items off 24 hours a day in our drop bin or allow our friendly warehouse staff to assist you.

Yes we do! In order to offset the labor cost of the proper recycling and safe handling of large copiers, we ask for a small $20 charge. Copiers are free to dropoff.

We can pick up and haul away your television for responsible recycling. Due to the expense to properly handle and transport these bulky, heavy, hazardous material containing items, we may ask for a modest fee to assist with the additional associated costs in ensuring these are safely transported for proper recycling. Televisions are unfortunately the only item we charge to drop off. See here for television pricing. There is no charge for CRT monitors recycled while accompanied by a corresponding computer tower or laptop.

Prior to pickup, please notify our scheduler that you would like a certificate. Your items will be segregated and marked. Your individual hard drives will be scanned and listed for your records. Please allow up to 10 business days for your emailed certificate.

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