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Electronics Price List - Current Payout Rates
Earth Friendly Recycling pays PER POUND for the electronics items listed on this page below The exceptions are complete systems which are paid per each item. Please visit the PHOTO GALLERY for photos of examples for payout items, approximate weights of items and details. Many more items are accepted. However, the items on this page are the only items eligible for payout.

Pickups are not eligible for payout.

Payouts can be received by bringing the items to the warehouse location. The warehouse will be staffed for payouts either by appointment or during scheduled payout times.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions to read more about payout method.

  • Gold Fingered Ram - $6.00/lb
  • Scrap Cell Phones (batteries removed) - $2.00/lb
  • IC Chips / Eeproms - $2.00/lb
  • Silver Fingered Ram - $2.00/lb
  • Daughter boards - $1.50/lb
  • Motherboards - $1.20/lb
  • Medium Grade Green Boards - $.50/lb
  • Hard Drives with boards - $.35/lb
  • Lithium Ion Batteries - $.15/lb
RAM, Motherboards & More...
  • 386/486 - $58.00/lb
  • Pentium Pro Gold Cap Chips - $52.00/lb
  • Gold Cap Chips - $30.00/lb
  • Pentium Ceramic Chips - $15.00/lb
  • AMD Ceramic Chips - $15.00/lb
  • AMD Aluminum Top K6 - $12.00/lb
  • Black/Green/Brown Fiber Chips - $8.00/lb
  • Slot Processors - $3.75/lb
  • P4/Mac/Green Fiber Metal Top - $2.50/lb
  • No pin processors - $2.00/lb

Sorted CPU Chips
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Earth Friendly Recycling
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Please note: Payouts are quoted with slot processor casings and all heatsinks removed. Complete system prices are paid out only if components to make the system functional are intact. Systems with hard drives removed may be purchased for $.40 less each.
Complete Systems
  • Servers - $3.00 each
  • Towers - $2.00 each
  • Laptops - $1.00 each
  • Tablets - $1.00 each

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